Friday, 10 April 2009

Review : Tara Smith Shampoo & Conditioner + EOTD

This shampoo & conditioner range (available only from Tesco and Cult Beauty) is a newish brand created by hair stylist to the celebs Tara Smith.

- - - -
All Tara Smith's products are:
Made with natural and organic earth friendly ingredients
Contain certified organic fragrances
Made in the UK - in Sussex, England
Vegan approved
BUAV approved
Easily Recyclable
Tagged with wild flower seeds

- - - -
Tara Smith's products do not contain:
Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES)
Artificial colouring
Synthetic fragrance
Animal derivatives

- - - -

Now I've tried pretty much every drugstore (and a couple of higher-end) brands of shampoo I can get my hands on and all of them have irritated my scalp. I'm assuming it's because all of them contain at least half of the above list of nasties.
I bought the C Curl ones as I have really curly hair:

I really love this range. My hair lasts 3 days now inbetween washes, my scalp isn't irritated and although it doesn't work wonders for frizz it does make my hair nice and shiny.
Only downside is that the conditioner is a bastard to get out of the bottle!

A couple of things that make me love this range even more :

The packaging is completely recyclable

The card around the bottle is filled with wild flower seeds so you can plant it :) Super cute!

There are currently 4 different types within the range -

C Curls
Big Baby - fantastic if your scalp is uber-sensitive
Straight Away
Feed the Root - for dry hair (if you'd like a review on this check out Rowena's fab blog -

Chica's rating out of 10:9 - make them in larger sizes!

EOTD - Aerosmith 'Pink' Inspired

I used pretty much all cheapy drugstore products:

Et voila:

Happy Easter guys! x

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