Sunday, 5 April 2009

Review: MAC Grand Duos

Grand Duos

This collection has been out for a while now and I've been able to have a good play with these to give them a half-decent review.
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There were 7 altogether in the collection -
Light over Dark - Orange/brown
Moon River - pale pink
Love Rock - bright pink/plum
Grand Duo - mid pink/plum
Earth to Earth - bronze/copper
Intenso - rose/red
Hot Planet - Copper/mid plum
- -
I wanted all 7 because I really love blush but I thought that was a few too many (lol) so bought the two that I thought were the most interesting - Intenso and Grand Duo.
I really liked Moon River, which seems to be their most popular shade (apparently people were going crazy over this one in Asia) but it reminded me quite a bit of the MAC Mineralise blush in Dainty, it looked lighter in the pan but the swatches came up pretty much the same on my arm so I left it.
Anyhoo onto the ones I've actually got!
These blushes are seriously stunning!
Grand Duo is the most wearable, it's a really deep plum shade on one side and pale pink with orange/coppery veining on the other. The coppery side makes a fantastic highlight and matches the plum perfectly. Grand Duo is pigmented enough to suit darker skintones and a light enough plum to look good on paler skin.
Intenso is a little more difficult to pull off on my skintone, I think perhaps I was being a little ambitious! It should be more wearable when I tan in the summer. This shade would suit any skintone from medium up, I can't wait to try it out then! As it is I have to wear it only when I'm doing a neutral eye/lip combo.
One word of warning - if you only like matte blusher then avoid this like the plague. These are just as shimmery as the MSFs which for me is LOVE but won't be to everyone's tastes.
Click to enlarge the swatches:
Intenso on the left / Grand Duo on the right
Chica's rating out of 10: 8.5

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