Sunday, 28 December 2008

Series: Liners

Next up in the liners series is:

Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil

This review is based on the white liner.

Price: £2.99-£3.99
Availability: Superdrug, Boots, chemists
£££saver: currently on a 3for2 at Superdrug

Pros: affordable
Cons: not very pigmented, used on the waterline it becomes very sticky and sort of 'glues' your eyelid when you close your eyes!, not very long lasting

Chica's rating out of 10:1

I wouldn't recommend this liner to anyone, there are far better cheap liners in my opinion (reviews coming up) and after using this one a few times I've given up and it now lives at the back of my drawer in the 'don't know why I'm keeping this when it's crap and I'm not going to use it again' pile!

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Barry M Dazzle Dusts

Apologies for not posting proper photos at the moment, my camera is dead :*( I'm planning on buying a new one some time this month while the sales are on and then there'll be photos everywhere!

Review on Barry M dazzle dusts :)

Cost: £4.50 each
Availability:, Superdrug & selected Boots shops
£££saver: Superdrug quite often have discounts on Barry M - the usual one is 3 dazzle dusts for £10 which I usually see offered once every couple of months (great time to stock up)
Pros: extremely pigmented, last a long time with a base, easy to blend
Cons:crease very quickly without a base, as these are loose there is a lot of fall out
Chica's rating out of 10:10

I personally prefer these to MAC pigments - obviously there is a price difference and the reason no doubt is the amount of product..but who uses a whole MAC pigment?!
The easiest way to get round the fall out issue is to apply your eye shadow first, then do your foundation and blush afterwards.

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Series: Liners

The first series of posts I'm going to do will cover the various liners I've tried and my views on them.

First up are my HG (holy grail) pencil liners :

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils

Cost: around £9 per liner or £16 for a set of 5 mini liners
Availabilty: many online retailers stock this product, larger Boots shops.
Pros: creamy, very pigmented, stay on until you use make up remover!
Cons: may be too pricey for some

Chica's rating out of 10 : 10

If you are short on cash or want to try a few different colours without shelling out the full £9 for one, I would recommend the mini sets, these also make excellent presents for the make-up addicted amongst your friends!

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New Blog!

Hi guys,

I'm a mega make up addict and have created this blog to share some of my experiences with make up, tutorials and reviews of products. Enjoy!

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